How to rate online casinos

Ratings exist in everything. And the online casino rating also exists. But how is it composed? We will try to briefly answer this question, so often arising from novice players. Casino rating depends on many factors. To understand everything and choose the best, you need to know the signs of a reliable gaming site. This will help not to make a mistake with the choice and make your own reliable rating. The site created an internal rating of all affiliate online casinos. The value can vary from 1 to 10. On this page, you will learn from what factors this value depends.

Main criteria to rate

  1. The quality of the site. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the selected site. Sites of large operators are made at the highest level: pages open quickly and do not “freeze”, games load quickly, all page elements are conveniently located.
  2. Terms and conditions. The rules of online casinos should be publicly available and the player should easily find them. It is good if the rules are qualitatively translated into other languages and do not differ in key moments from the main version.
  3. Simplicity and speed of account verification. An extremely important parameter is the simplicity and speed of account verification. Only those online casinos have a high rating where this process occurs quickly and without hassle. Agree, it is always unpleasant to send a plenty of documents. Top gambling sites just take your passport photo, the number in the payment system and a certificate to confirm the address.
  4. Deposit and withdrawal of money. Top casinos provide several options for depositing the gaming account: through mobile operators, electronic payment systems or by credit card. A good sign is the opportunity to deposit the account by direct bank transfer. Banks only work with top companies. There should be at least four ways to deposit the game account. The speed of payment of money is especially important. A high rating can be set only for those operators who guarantee payment of money within 48 hours. Exceptions are payments to a bank account and VISA cards. This process can take from 3 to 5 banking days.
  5. Support. A good gaming casino has a fast and affordable support service, ideally around the clock. This is an important element and not all casinos can boast. If the support service is sluggish, it responds to messages for a long time - this is the first reason to think about whether you should play there or not. Some have a help button which is hard to find. Pay attention to the multi-lingual support in the casino - another sure sign of the reliability of the gaming site. Great, if you can get the phone and live chat support. It is important that the support service is multilingual.
  6. International certificate and license. Usually at the bottom of each casino page are links to certificates, which indicate that they operate legally and entitled to provide gaming services. This means that in case of force majeure, you have the right to demand compensation or go to court. The availability of licenses guarantees the use of licensed software and compliance with the rules for obtaining it.
  7. Diversity. For an interesting and comfortable entertainment on a gaming site, it is important to have a variety of games and many types of slots. In a good online casino, there are always leading slot machines. These games are developed by leading companies such as NETENT and Microgaming, which provide only the best products on the video game market. This factor greatly affects the rating of gambling sites. If the casino does not have the latest innovations from developers and the base of video games is not updated - the casino rating drops. Such gaming sites do not live long because the competition is huge! Therefore, you should not give in to the excitement and play in the casino, where there are no more than five kinds of games, no matter how generous the offers they make.
  8. Date of the establishment. Pay attention to another parameter that affects the casino rating - the year of its opening. Older gaming sites value their reputation, so over the years, they have managed to firmly hold their positions. Young casinos quickly open and if they are not able to maintain high standards, they also close quickly. But not everyone makes such mistakes. If you see a young casino that already has various deposit-withdrawal methods, support service in several languages and various games from the best manufacturers - you can safely say that this casino has come to the market seriously and for a long time. These casinos should also take a closer look because they always have interesting offers in the form of bonuses and promotions.

We hope that the rating compiled on our site will help you to experience an unforgettable experience of playing in reliable casinos.