Zeus™ Slot Machine

Ancient Greek mythology had a great influence on the development of culture, not only for the Greeks, but the entire world. It also became the beginning of endless religious ideas about man and gods. In order to present the history of ancient Greek mythology in the most attractive form,WMS has created an interesting slot machine named Zeus, in where the user will have a chance to try himself as a powerful God. We are talking about the the superior Zeus - the true God of thunder, as well as the head of the ancient Greek Pantheon.


The style of gameplay fully corresponds to its plot: the view of the chimerical Mount Olympus, a great number of thematic pictures, such as: abnormal creatures, features of Ancient Greece, and a lot of other interesting stuff can be found in the open spaces of the slot. Besides, the gaming slot has a pleasant soundtrack, which totally fits to the theme of the slot.



Before starting the rotation of the reels, the gambler should first start off with examination of the control panel. The first essential thing every player gotta do is choose the mode of the control panel, that fits you best.That being said, the user can choose either classic or special structure, which are activated by C and QB buttons respectively. The main diverseness here is in the order of the buttons. Having dealt with this, you need to fix the appropriate rate indicator. You can do this by using the bet controllers. With the help of the bet controllers, you will be able to set  rates: minimum and maximum. The latter, by the way, is also determined by simply pressing one button.


Remember, if you are making a bet, you should always remember, the higher your bet is,  the larger the outcome you will receive in case of formation of a combination. As for the second indicator involved in the scrolls - the active lines, their number equals 30 by default, but the user can always reduce it if needed. In this particular case, the more rows will be involved, the faster you will be able to make a winning combination.


Description of the Interface


To start off, the user should definitely take a look at the paytable tab, where you can find the information about every symbol in detail, shows the size of the potential payouts, and also contains the structure of the active lines ( it shows you how the winning combinations are being formed). Besides everything mentioned above,  you will also find out that the the bonus round can be activated by collecting three images of lightning symbols on the playing field. In this case, the player is given a chance to spin the drums 10 times absolutely for free, as well accumulate rewards for winning spins. If the player is lucky enough to see 5 lightning bolts on the reels, then he will be awarded with 100 additional free spins.



Having prepared for the game theoretically, the participant can proceed to practical actions. You can rotate the reels by using either the “Spin” or “Autoplay” button. When the first button is applied, the implementation of the spins in the normal mode is  applied. However, if a player plans to play the game in an automatic mode, he should use the second function, with which he can perform up to 100 continuous rotations. All of the game indicators fixed by the participant are displayed in specially designated lines, so it makes the gameplay a lot more easier, because the player  can always see the size of the bets he makes, as well as the amount of payments.


The slot developers didn’t limit themselves to the buttons that regulate the gameplay, so you can find several additional keys above the reels that allow you to make the game as comfy as possible. By using the options button, the user activates a certain, tab, where he can study and select the options for launching automatic spins, soundtrack settings and the size of the balance that can be used in the game. All of these attributes allow the gambler to fully control the game. The user can also use the “?”  function, with the help of which the Help section can be opened, where the player is allowed to examine the slot in details, as well as read about the problems that may occur during the gameplay.




Zeus gaming machine tells the participant about the magnificent and powerful God, that has been extremely popular in ancient Greece. The player will get a chance to travel to Mount Olympus, where a large number of tests and dangers await for him him. If the participant has enough courage, he can try himself as Zeus slots , subjugating the gaming machine and possibly winning a great reward. By the way, in order to defeat the car,  you will need a lot of luck, as well as faith in what you do. Another great thing about this slot, is that the percentage of return of is equal to 95.97%, which is another reason why this slot is incredibly popular among users.